About KleerMail

About KleerMail

KleerMail develops innovative SaaS and business intelligence tools that improve the cost, speed-to-market, and distribution of complex marketing messages for Fortune 500 clients.

By moving the offline Direct Mail process to an online digital platform, KleerMail is transforming the way companies plan, execute, and optimize their Direct Marketing programs. With experience managing over $1 Billion of Direct Marketing investments, KleerMail uses digital technology and artificial intelligence to help businesses streamline their Direct Mail campaigns, align their Direct Marketing channels, increase their capabilities and improve their performance. Now marketers can do more testing and personalization in less time, track and analyze their data more efficiently and effectively, create personalized content dynamically and maximize the potential of their Direct Marketing programs while minimizing their costs.

Our products and people are transforming a $130B industry that has languished from a lack of technology and innovation. Our team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, seasoned executives, and investors who have the skill, aptitude, and network to create a billion dollar enterprise (and have done it before).

Our Culture

No Jerks, or Egos

We’re smart without being slick, professional without being standoffish and confident without being arrogant. We want our clients to see us as who we really are, real people who have the knowledge and experience to help them solve real marketing problems and provide the tangible value that can make a huge difference for their business.

Never Stop Innovating

At KleerMail, we’re always thinking about how we can do things faster, more efficiently and effectively for our clients and leverage our technology and expertise to help them get the best return on their Direct Marketing investments.

Focused on Generating Results for Clients

We’re not interested in creating flash in the pan apps or hyping-up the next big thing. Millions of “likes” and awards isn’t what motivates our team, making our clients successful does. We do this by removing the friction points that prohibit them from improving their Direct Marketing results and finding solutions that help them work smarter, not harder.

Transparency in All Things

We believe that Direct Marketers have been kept in the dark for too long by marketing agencies and print production vendors who don’t want to put all their cards on the table. At KleerMail, we’re here to help our clients learn more, do more and make better decisions. That’s why there’s no mystery around what we do, what they can expect from us and what their return on investment will be when they work with us.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We press hard for our clients' success daily and during peak work periods, and then relax with our families and friends to recharge and unwind. Burn-out isn't good for anyone, neither is having top performers carry the load for team mates who short-time it. Start-ups are where people come to shine, not to coast.

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